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Viscosupplementation Therapy - Pain Management 


Viscosupplementation therapy is a treatment for knee osteoarthritis.  Osteoarthritis is a common type of arthritis that causes bone degeneration and synovial fluid reduction.  Synovial fluid acts as a shock absorber and lubricant in the knee joint.  Arthritis and a decrease in synovial fluid can cause knee pain, stiffness, and problems with walking or stair climbing.

Viscosupplementation therapy is an appropriate treatment for people with moderate to moderately severe knee osteoarthritis that has failed to respond to traditional treatments.  It is useful for people that are trying to delay or are not candidates for knee replacement surgery.  Viscosupplementation therapy uses a product called hyaluronic acid (HA) to supplement the synovial fluid.

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Your doctor can administer Viscosupplementation therapy in his or her office.  Your doctor will inject HA into your knee joint.  You will receive a series of three to five injections given on a schedule of one per week.  The time it takes for beneficial effects to be felt is variable.  The extent of pain relief also varies from patient to patient.  Good results can be sustained for 6-12 months.

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